Advanced Cold Therapy

For thousands of years we’ve been using ice and cold treatments for pain, muscle recovery, and inflammation. This is because cold stresses the body and extreme stress activate our bodies ability to repair and recover.

XR Cryosauna

We also offer the most advanced cryotherapy machine in the market. The XR cryosauna provides an unmatched cryotherapy experience, while ensuring your maximum safety.

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Cold-Shock Proteins

Special proteins that can enhance our brain's neuroconnectivity.

Protects Our Brains

Cryotherapy promotes protein synthesis that can protect our brain from cognitive and behavioral deficits associated with some neuro degenerative diseases.

Super Hormones

Cryotherapy helps our bodies produce more of this amazing hormone.

Anti Inflammation

Norepinephrine fights inflammation which is linked to cancer along with many chronic diseases.

Weight Loss

Cryotherapy helps us keep in shape by turning our lazy cells into active ones.


Our metabolic response to cryotherapy produces more mitochondria, converging our body’s tissues into more metabolically active ones, helping us burn more fat.

Immune Boost

Cryotherapy helps our bodies produce a special type of cell that kills cancer cells.

Cryotherapy & Cancer

Cryotherapy helps us create more cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), which protects our bodies against cancer!

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Therapy is amazing! Alexis and Sandra make you feel so comfortable you want to go back!

Haydee C.