Advanced Cold Therapy

For thousands of years we’ve been using ice and cold treatments for pain, muscle recovery, and inflammation. This is because cold stresses the body and extreme stress activate our bodies ability to repair and recover.

XR Cryosauna

We also offer the most advanced cryotherapy machine in the market. The XR cryosauna provides an unmatched cryotherapy experience, while ensuring your maximum safety.

Cyclone Flow™

This technology ensures that nitrogen is evenly distributed for maximum performance.

Recovery Range Scale™

This technology allows you to see your recovery in real-time based on their skin temperature.

Pulse Oxygen Sensor

This sensor ensures that your heart rate is in a safe range as well as monitors your blood Oxygen level.

Easy Access

Fingerprint scanner logs you in with ease. Your preferences are stored in the cloud and retrieved automatically when you login.

Cold-Shock Proteins

Special proteins that can enhance our brain’s neuro connectivity.

Protects Our Brains

Cryotherapy promotes protein synthesis that can protect our brain from cognitive and behavioral deficits associated with some neuro degenerative diseases.

Super Hormones

Cryotherapy helps our bodies produce more of this amazing hormone.


Norepinephrine fights inflammation which is linked to cancer along with many chronic diseases.

Weight Loss

Cryotherapy helps us keep in shape by turning our lazy cells into active ones.


Our metabolic response to cryotherapy produces more mitochondria, converging our body’s tissues into more metabolically active ones, helping us burn more fat.

Immune Boost

Cryotherapy helps our bodies produce a special type of cell that kills cancer cells.


Cryotherapy helps us create more cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), which protects our bodies against cancer!

What people say
about us

Jose Andino
Jose Andino
Muy buen servicio de alta calidad la verdad muy agradecido con ellos, una atención muy fina para los clientes, Gracias clinic 59
I started cryotherapy and it helps reduce my pain from working out and also my fibromyalgia. The women I’ve met there are very nice and helpful(Gabby & Claudia).
Audrey Alyssa
Audrey Alyssa
I just finished my therapy and I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy. I am so much better, everybody is amazing in taking care of their patients! They always make sure that you’re taken care of, assist to your needs, and that you’re safe with any treatments you’ll need. Every question is answered and they make sure that your plan of care is explained well. Thank you so much!
Antonio Chamorro
Antonio Chamorro
Love this place. My back and knee pains are helped with the cryotherapy.
Alexis Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez
Rochelle Johnson
Rochelle Johnson
Very informative and compassionate staff!
Robert Moreira
Robert Moreira
I’ve been having therapy for a wile here after a car accident and I am more than grateful for the help that Alexis and the other physician are giving me. They are very welcoming and friendly as well professionals with the therapy in a AFFORDABLE PRICE! actually they have the best price in the area. I would recommend this location for anyone that would like to have cryotherapy , compressions or any muscular problems.