How does the NormaTec Compression therapy work?

Do you workout daily? Because if you do, then you might be knowing about the things that I am going to discuss with you today.

You must have noticed that just working out is not enough to get the possible outcomes, and there are various factors on which these outcomes depends. One of those factors is Recovery, although you must be aware that recovery time is much more important than the actual workout time.

Let us have a look at some benefits and importance of Recovery for getting the maximum output of exercise and working out-

  • The first and most crucial benefit of Recovery after a workout session is that this helps in charging your body as all your energy must be invested in that workout session. So Recovery helps, in getting back that energy and charge you up.
  • It also helps in repairing the tissues present inside your body, that must be damaged during the workout session.
  • After the recovery session, you will notice your body will be getting better day by day, and hence, you would be able to hit your workout session with more and enhanced power.
  • If someone does not take Recovery and rest days, then you will notice that they would not be able to get the maximum output from their exercise or workout sessions.

With the change in time, various upgrades took place in which the method of Recovery and rehab is also upgraded if you want to know about it, how then follow this article till the end.


As discussed above that there is an upgraded way for Recovery and rehab, so we are going to introduce The Norma Tec Compression Therapy. This is a type of recovery system, which is designed for Recovery and rehab with the help of pulse technology installed in this system.

We are going to discuss various factors of this Norma Tec Compression Therapy in this article. But before moving further, let us have a look at what’s the science behind this product introduced by the company Norma Tec.

The science behind the Norma Tec Compression Therapy system

The basic science behind this Norma Tec Compression Therapy system is that it uses a pulse system with the help of which the users can boost their overall speed of Recovery and hence they would be able to invest more time in their workout sessions rather than in recovery time.

How do the Norma Tec Compression Therapy works?

Let us have a look at the working of Norma Tec Compression Therapy-

  • There are various such therapies, which uses the static compression technology, which means they boost the Recovery with the help of the squeezing method, but the Norma Tec Compression Therapy is a bit different from them because it uses a Dynamic Compression technology which is also known as Pulsing technology.
  • This Pulsing technology that is patented by Norma Tec company works in different zones category. There is a total of 5 zones, and the working starts from zone 1 from below and moves upward up to zone 5.
  • When Zone 1 is producing pulses at that time, all the other 4 zones would be on hold and in this way the overall system works.
  • During working, every zone will be offered enhanced pressure than before. This is because when one zone in under pulses act, all the other zones are at hold and hence produce maximum pressure. This helps in not making the fluids to flow in the wrong direction.

Why use Norma Tec Compression Therapy?

There are a bunch of features, which make the Norma Tec Compression Therapy different and the best from any such other therapies. Let us have a look at those features-


  • The first benefit that makes it different from other therapies is that any athlete can use this compression therapy. As almost in every game, the use of legs is done; hence, which makes Norma Tec Compression Therapy useful for every type of athlete.
  • Not only athletes but those who walk daily and cover a long distance for reaching their School/College/Office can also take advantage of this recovery and rehab system while other Compression therapy systems are mainly made for the use of athletes only.
  • Persons who face low circulation and are facing problems based on lower circulation then this Norma Tec Compression Therapy is going to be very helpful for them. With the help of this therapy, they can cure diseases such as Diabetes, Varicose, and many other such diseases.
  • The last benefit is if you want to make your body relax then also this compression therapy is going to be very helpful. You can use this therapy for relaxing purpose for in between 10 to 60 minutes, this will help in massaging your legs and hence will improve the circulations in your body.

    Some other benefits of this Norma Tec Compression Therapy

    Here are some other benefits you have take advantage of with the help of Norma Tec Compression Therapy-

    • With the help of this therapy, you can enhance the motions present inside your body, which is going to produce many benefits.
    • If you are feeling pain, then also this therapy would be able to help you for making the pain sensitivity lesser.
    • Helps you in producing a better blood flow inside your body.
    • Helps in decreasing muscle fatigue after a workout session.


    There is a reason because of which this Norma Tec Compression Therapy is known as one of the best recovery and rehab technique you will ever use. Although various other compression therapies are available in the market, it is quite different from those because it offers various add-on services such as-

    • Zone wise treatment, with the help of which the system offers and increased pressure for better relaxation and fast Recovery.
    • Any athlete or daily working persons can take advantage of this compression therapy system.
    • It can also be used for just making your body feel relaxed.
    • Helps in decreasing the pain sensitivity in your body.
    • Enhances overall blood flow in the body.