3 Reasons to Choose Normatec Compression Therapy in Houston, Texas

You’ve heard the buzz, Normatec compression therapy is gaining popularity in Houston, Texas, and there’s a good reason for it —or three. Elite athletes swear by it, as it helps them be in tiptop shape by causing an increased circulation. But it is not *only* designed for them. Everybody can sign up to do Normatec compression therapy and start reaping the benefits of this state of the art technology. “What are these benefits?,” you might ask. Let us tell you in this article.

Normatec Compression Therapy in Houston, Texas: A Revolutionary Method

Normatec is the most innovative and scientifically backed air compression system in the market. It was designed by a prestigious MD, PhD to  offer a restorative massage that improves mobility. Originally, it was conceived to offer treatment of lymphedema and to aid the circulatory system to prevent deep vein thrombosis. So, if we fast forward to the present day, compression therapy is widely spread, as many people, for example, use compression socks to find relief from muscle soreness.

What Does Normatec Compression Therapy do?

Normatec compression therapy imitates the natural process of engaging lymphatic drainage that the body does. Therefore, it aids the removal of waste product and reduces inflammation. As it does so, it accelerates muscle recovery while increasing flexibility. This said, let’s jump straight to the benefits of doing Normatec compression therapy in Houston, Texas.

1) Faster Recovery Time between Workouts

As the boots massage the muscles, they apply three different techniques. First, they provide a rhythmic pulsing pattern that drains fluids in the body. This pumps the muscles. Second, like in a traditional massage, the pressure goes upward to keep the fluids flowing evenly throughout the body. Third, its distal release method releases static pressure, which allows circulation.

As a result, when these techniques are used together, a feeling of relief and a speedier recovery after intense workouts or straining the body. 

2) Different Modes for Different Needs

Not only does it combine three techniques, but it also includes different modes to tackle diverse needs. They are:

  • Recovery Flush mode: to pump circulation and remove the lactic acid in the legs.
  • Rehab mode: you choose the part of the body you want to focus on. 
  • Custom mode: set different percentages of pressure to different parts of the leg and different times for the different parts.

3) No Contraindications for Normatec Compression Therapy

The Normatec compression therapy sessions can be between 20 and 30 minutes long. Since the effects are immediate, users feel better after one session. However, to maximize its benefits, it is recommended that they use it up to six times a week. The more the body uses it, the more it will benefit from it!

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Normatec Compression Therapy in Houston, Texas, at Clinic 59 Cryo and Clinic 290 Cryo

At Clinic 59 Cryo Center and Clinic 290 Cryo Center in Texas we are at the forefront of wellness and recovery. Our customers have been benefiting from Normatec compression therapy since it first came out in the market and keep coming for more. At our centers, trained and certified professionals help choose our clients the right program and monitor its effectiveness. 

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